So Much To Do, So Little Time

I can’t believe I’ve already been in Italy an entire month! There have been so many adventures these last two weeks, and more than a few days in bed with a cold, but now that I have a minute I can finally catch up!

First of all, about two weeks ago I was introduced to European cemeteries. My creative writing class took a field trip to the cemetery just outside of Perugia and the tombs were unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The statues and house-like structures that sit over the graves are each their own individual masterpiece. These are just a few of the hauntingly beautiful tombs we encountered.

That weekend, my roommate Nicole and I took the train to Rome for a night. While the nightlife wasn’t exactly what we imagined, the scenery was breathtaking at every turn! Here is a glimpse of Piazza Navona by night: 

Nicole, having been to Rome many times before, took me on the tourist tour the next day. She was so patient as I ooh-ed and awed at every last column. The Coliseum, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain were our main stops, and yes of course we threw coins into the Trevi!

This past week was jam-packed with Italian culture. La Bolle delle Maschere was performed in a Perugian theater and a few students and I were lucky enough to attend! The opera was entirely in Italian, and while my language skills aren’t perfect, the level of acting and musicality made the story crystal clear. It was a tragedy of lovers who never got to be together, with as many betrayals and elongated death scenes as you can imagine. But as my second opera and my first Italian opera, I have to give it a 10/10. (Even if I did sniffle and quietly try to blow my nose through the whole production!)

Finally, just this past weekend, my writing about food class took a field trip to Montefalco and two of her finest wineries. We toured the vineyards, sampled the wine, and I even purchased a small jar of grape jelly from the first vineyard, called Le Cimate. It was one enjoyably tipsy Saturday that I will not soon forget!


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